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Boğaziçi Müzik Kulübü Orkestrası 10. Yıl Konseri

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The Boğaziçi University Music Club Orchestra (BÜMK Orchestra) has been striving to establish itself as a premier music institution within Boğaziçi University since its inception in 2013. Comprising amateur musicians who demonstrate exceptional musical talent and adhere to a professional vision and work ethic, the BÜMK Orchestra is thrilled to commemorate its 10th anniversary this year. With members who have emerged from this close-knit community and have gone on to make professional contributions in genres such as jazz, electronic, rock, and pop, the orchestra graces the most prestigious stages across Turkey, continually setting its sights higher.

In 2023, the BÜMK Orchestra released its debut composition, "Did I Fall?", as one of the winners of the Young Jazz+ competition organized by İKSV, accepting applications from all corners of Turkey. The orchestra continues to expand its repertoire each year by introducing new arrangements and captivating audiences with its performances.


-The event is for participants aged 18 and over.
-It is forbidden to bring food and beverages, cutting, piercing or flammable tools into the event area.
-Event participants accept that photo & video shooting will be done in the event area.
-It is forbidden to bring professional video recording devices and shooting unless there is written permission.
It is expected to take care not to shoot with non-professional devices that may disturb other guests and performing artists and violate the privacy of their private life. Flash photography is strictly prohibited.
-The organisation and venue authorities have the right not to allow people they do not deem appropriate to the event and backstage area.
-Particular attention is paid to the balance in the number of men and women, attitude, style, clothing and general suitability, and entry may not be possible for these and similar reasons. This is entirely at the discretion of the door. The decision of our gate is final and valid under all circumstances.
-Purchased tickets cannot be refunded, cancelled or exchanged.
-The right to use the photographs and video footage of the participants in the event in promotional materials belongs to the organiser and the participant accepts the use of this right by participating in the event.
Boğaziçi Müzik Kulübü Orkestrası 10. Yıl Konseri
locFrankhan İstanbul, Kemankeş Karamustafa Paşa, Kemankeş Cd. No:73, 34425 Beyoğlu/İstanbul
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