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As PLUR Events enters its 5th year, it continues its event calendar at full speed and organizes Antalya's most popular Underground
The venue is preparing for a unique Techno feast for music lovers in cooperation with WICCA Antalya. 'Cage of Rave'
The hero of the night, which has a story from beginning to end with its concept, has a total of 42 million on Spotify.
The number of times it has been listened to has spread all over the world with its successful stages for more than 20 years.
The mentioned ROBPM meets with Antalya. On this special night where you will feel the rave culture in your veins
MU will be taking the stage with its Hybrid Live set integrated with the cage concept, and Soundluxx will be taking the stage right before it.


The following rules have been determined so that you can have fun comfortably and safely. All our guests who have purchased tickets or attended our event as guests are deemed to have accepted these conditions by attending the event.

- There is an age limit of 18 and all participants must have their IDs with them.

- Attention will be paid to the balance of men and women at the entrance. We kindly ask you to be careful when purchasing tickets.

- In order to provide guests with an environment where they can have fun comfortably and safely, the organizer has the right to deny admission to the event and backstage area by refunding tickets to people who are deemed unsuitable at the entrance of the event area.

- Particular attention is paid to the balance of the number of men and women, attitude, style, clothing and general suitability, and entry may not be possible due to these and similar reasons. This decision is entirely at the discretion of the door. Our door's decision is final and valid under all circumstances.

- Everyone participating in the event is deemed to have accepted all security measures determined by the security team, including body and bag searches. In this context, group exits from the event area will not be allowed. Participants who do not want to comply with these measures will have their right to enter the event canceled and their tickets will not be refunded.

- It is forbidden to enter the event area with professional recording devices, drones, flammable, explosive (such as deodorant, spray, perfume, etc.), flammable, cutting and piercing tools, and laser pointers.

- The organizer has the right to exclude people who behave inappropriately during the event from the event without refunding tickets/fees.

- The organization company reserves the right to change ticket prices.

- There are no cancellations, refunds or changes for purchased tickets.

- The organization company reserves the right to make any changes in the program, venue and date due to unforeseen and inevitable reasons.

- There is a high noise level in the event area. It may cause temporary hearing impairment.

- Light patterns in the event area may cause temporary eye discomfort. It is not an activity suitable for participants with a history of photosensitive epilepsy.

- Lasers and lighting used in the event area may damage camera lenses. For this reason, you are kindly requested not to point your mobile phones and cameras directly at light sources.

- You should not leave your personal belongings with you in the event area. Responsibility for all personal belongings belongs to the participant.

- Everyone who participates in the event is deemed to have consented to video and audio recording as part of the audience.

- It is expected that care will be taken not to shoot with non-professional devices that will disturb other guests and performing artists and violate the privacy of their private lives. Shooting with flash is strictly prohibited.

- All participants participating in the event are deemed to have accepted the necessary material and moral responsibility by being informed that their parties will be recourse to any damages that may occur in any material or moral situation caused by their parties during the event.

- Participants who display behavior prohibited by law and the person who violates the law are responsible for the consequences of such behavior. The organization company will not accept liability in such cases.

- All participants attending the event are deemed to have read and understood all the articles in the special rules above and to comply with all rules set by the organization company, otherwise they agree to be removed from the event area.

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