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Rotafest Electro Visual İstanbul

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Are you ready to deviate from the routine?
🎉 An exciting experience awaits you. This summer, the beats of music will synchronize with the rhythms of your hearts! We invite you to a three-day adventure filled with unforgettable moments: "Electro Visual Istanbul".
📍 As the venue, we have chosen a place that reflects the unique beauty and energy of Istanbul: "The beach in Istanbul". In this special area where the tranquility of the sea meets the excitement of music, you will rediscover yourself.
🗓️ Get ready for an unforgettable weekend by setting up your tents on the 26th, 27th, and 28th of July!
🎟️ You can also purchase a daily entry ticket! If you only want to attend for a specific day, you can consider this option as well.
🎇 With our three-dimensional giant stage, you will drift away from the real world and lose yourself in a visual feast.
🎪 During the day, colorful days await you with fun games in a carnival atmosphere. In this unique experience, you will find peace in the harmony of nature and music.
🎶 At night, you won't get enough of dancing to the fantastic performances of world-famous DJs and electro music. You will get lost in the moonlight with the magic of rhythms, collecting unforgettable memories.
🎨 And remember, this festival is also a colorfest! You will step into the magical world of colors and experience fun moments filled with colorful powders.
🌟 This summer, be a part of an extraordinary experience. Rotafest will be the gateway to a world beyond your dreams. Are you ready for unforgettable moments and unlimited fun?


Participants under the age of 18 will not be allowed entry to the festival area, even if accompanied by their parents. (Entry without identification will not be permitted.)

No outside food or beverages will be allowed into the festival area.

Those who purchase festival tickets are considered to have accepted all security measures, including bag and person searches, determined by the organizer and security team. Participants who do not wish to comply with these measures will have their entry rights revoked, and ticket refunds will not be issued. All participants must carry their identification with them. The organizer may request identification to verify participants' ages.

Participants entering the festival area with festival tickets or purchasing tickets from on-site ticket sales points will be given wristbands according to the category of their ticket. This wristband allows participants to enter and exit the festival area. Removed or tampered wristbands cannot be reattached, and entry to the area without a wristband will not be permitted. The organizer does not accept any responsibility for the validity of tickets purchased from third parties.

After the conclusion of stage performances, holders of combined and daily tickets will be asked to leave the premises.

Only guests with camping + combined tickets may enter the camping area.

Unopened, sealed tobacco products with bands are permitted inside.

Guests with specific dietary needs are advised against using the camping area as food and beverages are not provided.

Glass and plastic bottles, cans, camping stoves, fireworks, flammable objects (aerosol substances), weapons, or sharp objects are not permitted in the festival area.

It is recommended not to bring valuable items with you.

Setting fires is prohibited in the festival area.

By entering the event area, participants agree to have their videos and photos taken throughout the event; the organizer reserves the right to use these images publicly on all platforms.

The organizer and festival security cannot be held responsible for any negative situations (food poisoning, injury, legal and police cases, etc.) experienced by participants outside the festival area.

The festival organizer and officials are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Any commercial activity outside of what is approved by the organizer is prohibited in the camping area. Accommodation outside the camping area is strictly prohibited.

Sea activities are permitted during the day; swimming in the sea at night is not allowed.

The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the festival program.

The responsibility for lost or stolen festival tickets lies with the buyer. Replacement or refunds for stolen or lost tickets are not possible.

Festival tickets cannot be used for commercial or promotional purposes without the organizer's permission.

Camp + combined ticket holders' camping locations will be determined by camp staff. It is advisable to memorize your tent's location once it's set up.

All medications brought to the festival entrance will be logged and delivered to the medical tent; they will be available from there if needed throughout the festival. Medical interventions that participants may require during the festival will be provided by on-site staff.

The organizer reserves the right to remove individuals from the event area without refunding their tickets if they engage in behavior that disrupts the peace or may harm the event.

Festival tickets should only be purchased from official sales points designated by the organizer. Tickets purchased from unofficial sources may result in the holder being removed from the event area.

Guests bringing pets to the event area agree to assume responsibility for their pets within the premises and to abide by festival rules. Pets without identification will not be allowed entry, and prohibited breeds will not be admitted even with identification.

The organizer reserves the right to refuse entry to pets displaying aggressive behavior at the entrance.

The organizer reserves the right to refuse entry to individuals deemed unsuitable for the event, with the condition of refunding the ticket fee.

Cars and motorcycles are not allowed in the camping area. It is recommended to park vehicles in suitable areas outside the festival premises and access the festival area on foot.

Damage to decorations, structures, equipment, etc., within the event area will result in the individual causing the damage being held responsible.

Rotafest Electro Visual İstanbul
locThe Beach in istanbul, Gümüşdere Mah. Boğaziçi Kampüs Yolu No:1/A, Sarıyer, İstanbul
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