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Born in Turkey, Alikaan had an interest in music since his early ages. At the age of 13, he discovered his father’s record collection and spent his adolescence years listening to nearly all of these records. Despite the vast variety of genres, the lack of contemporary hypnotic sounds led him to create his own music archive. Later on, he bought his first Dj setup and although he liked classical music, jazz and rock very much, he found himself by playing electronic music. He was introduced to techno in 2016. To immerse in the techno culture, he spent the following year in Berlin and Amsterdam. Upon returning to Istanbul, Alikaan’s path was crossed with Ferhat Albayrak and his company; Jeton Records. Under Jeton Records, he shared the stage with ‪Oscar Mulero‬, Christian Smith, Sam Paganini and ‪Carl Cox‬. By founding his own music studio in Istanbul, Alikaan is preparing to release his first album before end of the year....

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