Lunar Plane was founded by identical twin brothers, Emre & Mert Altinok. They began to produce electronic music in 2014, while developing an electronic music streaming platform. Born in Istanbul, both brothers were on the national swimming team and went to Yale University, where they studied biomedical engineering and economics respectively. After signing a downtempo EP with Solomun’s sub-label 2diy4, Lunar Plane became the main focus of the Altinok brothers. Fueled by their strong academic background and passion for music, the brothers experimented with melodic techno, progressive house and electronica, as they finalized their own unique sound which encompasses emotional ethnic melodies accompanied by strong driving basslines, organic groovy drums, and deep ritualistic vocals. As a result, more than 30 of their tracks charted globally. Six of these tracks were listed in Beatport’s Top 10 charts, as Lunar Plane became one of the most prominent artists in the electronic music scene. With releases on major labels such as Oliver Koletzki’s Stil vor Talent, Solee’s Parquet, Soul Button’s Steyoyoke and Just Emma’s Underyourskin Records, the brothers conquered many dance-floors all across the globe, including Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart, Los Angeles, Seattle, Beirut, Bali, Dubai, Istanbul, Bursa, Ankara and Izmir. With multiple major releases scheduled in 2019, expect to see the brothers playing at your favorite clubs and festivals.
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