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6. Dans Olimpiyatları: DVS1 & Freddy K by Burn Energy Drink

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It’s that time of the summer!
[Orman / Forest]

》Freddy K
》Arman Akıncı
》Y.UNAN aka juliesummers

The 6th Traditional Suma Beach Dance Olimpics, sponsored by Burn Energy Drink is this Saturday at the Magic Forest!
Our guests of honour are two notorious techno masters, DVS1 and Freddy K! And the local holders of the flame are Mr. Sür, Arman Akıncı, Y.UNAN and Marló.

The referee of the game is Evrim de Evrim and the one and only important rule is to never stop dancing.

Tips for winners: Put your dancing shoes and sneakers together, work on your best sporty looks and remember to let the referee know, if you are taking a 'little' break off the floor.

Entrance Fee

1st September Saturday (Forest + Beach): 100 TL
* online tickets or paid at the door

2nd September Sunday (Beach): 60 TL
* paid at the door

• Tickets purchased for Saturday provide access to beach between 09:00-21:00 and forest between 12:00-00:00
• Tickets purchased for Sunday provide access to beach between 09:00-22:00

• Online tickets can not be returned or transferred.

• Suma Beach reserves the right to refuse the entrance of people who are agreed to be unfit by the staff. In that case, all online-paid tickets will be refunded if the guest has the refund-coupon given by the security. No refund will be made without a coupon.


* The minimum age requirement is 18 for this event. Please bring your ID with you.
* Venue holds the right to refuse your admission into the venue. Tickets will be refunded in such cases.

*Etkinlikte 18 yaş sınırı vardır. Lütfen kimliklerinizi yanınızda getiriniz.
*Mekan uygun görmediği kişileri ön satış bileti dahi olsa mekana almama hakkına sahiptir. Biletlerin iadesi tarafımızca yapılacaktır.
6. Dans Olimpiyatları: DVS1 & Freddy K by Burn Energy Drink
locSuma Beach, Gümüşdere Mah./Boğaziçi Kampus Yolu/ No:1/A /Kilyos/Istanbul/Turkey