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Ali Sahinbas, known as Fuchs, is one of the major names of the local music scene since the 90s. He also co-founded FG 93.7 FM that is one of Istanbul's first dance music radio stations. Fuchs is pretty famous for his unique creativity that can be seen in his ravishing tracks and performances. He has shared the decks with many great names in major festivals and clubs like Ministry Of Sound, Bar 13, Rex In Paris and more.

Fuchs is performing at Kiki Siraselviler this weekend on December 25 at the event that is quite suitable for the dance freaks of the town.


* The minimum age requirement is 18 for this event. Please bring your ID with you.
* Venue holds the right to refuse your admission into the venue. Tickets will be refunded in such cases.

*Etkinlikte 18 yaş sınırı vardır. Lütfen kimliklerinizi yanınızda getiriniz.
*Mekan uygun görmediği kişileri ön satış bileti dahi olsa mekana almama hakkına sahiptir. Biletlerin iadesi tarafımızca yapılacaktır.
locKİKİ SIRASELVİLER, Kiki Sıraselviler: Sıraselviler Cad. No 42 Beyoğlu, Istanbul, Turkey