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Let it be a Festival by About Nights

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Suma Beach is proud to anounce a night with two precious members of New York’s BABËL, a community made out of different tribes and cultures willing to gather and unite around Music, Arts and pursuit of Magic.

Damian Lazarus, a legendary dance-floor wizard is the guest of honour of the Magic Forest and the night. Alongside him is another creative magician, the founder of Babël Community, Waï and Carlita, a Turkish producer and DJ, focusing on combining sounds from Middle East and Latin America cultures.

Fire Stage will also be lit up for the first time after a while by Berlin-based international community Techno Türken. Demir & Seymen, FEVZEE and G-One of the team will be on the decks.

12th August Sunday at 1 PM, begins our traditional beach party. We’ll be dancing with No Regular Play and Cem G from the noon to the night.

11.08 SAT

[Forest by Babël]
Damian Lazarus

[Fire Stage by Techno Türken]
Demir & Seymen

12.08 SUN

No Regular Play
Cem G

• Single-day event tickets provide access to Suma Beach on Saturday between 22:00 - 07:00.

• Two-day (combined) event tickets provide access to Suma Beach on Saturday between 22:00 - 07:00 and on Sunday between 07:00 - 22:00.

• After the event (Sunday) use of the beach will start at 07:00 with 40 TL entrance for event participants. By 08:00, beach entrance fee is 60 TL.

For the ones who have two-day (combined) tickets, beach entrance is included in the ticket fee and will not be charged separately.

• Online tickets can not be returned or transferred.

• Suma Beach reserves the right not to let in people whom the staff does not see fit. In that case, all online-paid tickets will be refunded provided that the guest has the refund-coupon given by the security. No refund will be made without a coupon.


* The minimum age requirement is 18 for this event. Please bring your ID with you.
* Venue holds the right to refuse your admission into the venue. Tickets will be refunded in such cases.

*Etkinlikte 18 yaş sınırı vardır. Lütfen kimliklerinizi yanınızda getiriniz.
*Mekan uygun görmediği kişileri ön satış bileti dahi olsa mekana almama hakkına sahiptir. Biletlerin iadesi tarafımızca yapılacaktır.
Let it be a Festival by About Nights
locSuma Beach, Gümüşdere Mah./Boğaziçi Kampus Yolu/ No:1/A /Kilyos/Istanbul/Turkey
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