05.01.2019 - RX Istanbul - SUBLEE - Biletleri | BUGECE


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Cem Ozden

We are starting strong to new year with one of our regulars, Sublee's Istanbul debut. This time we are taking over RX Istanbul for a night full of extravaganzas. RX has impressed us and ravers with its new layout and Funktion-One (Official) sound system, we are excited!

Stefan Nicu, aka Sublee, is a very talented dj, and as such, we rather prefer listening to him than talking about him. Regarding his productions, he is a peculiar artist both on his solo projects and on his collaborations with others. His collaborations include: Marsomatic 700 with Mihai Popescu, Stedi with Blazed, a collaboration with Cristi Cons from which has just come out the ‘You and Me’ EP on Serialism Records, and at last another one with Audioteque on Outofstock. On December of 2016 his first album has been published on Raresh label 'Metereze'; from then on he started stepping to new exciting music boundaries.

Matching grooves and melodies with a variety of different soundscapes, his classy talent is able to take already solid tracks to an upper level. Hypnotic and emotional house music rather than pure minimal; his productions reveal the instict of an artist looking forward to the future, without forgetting the past.

He’s appreciated for his distinctive style, although his young age, and for his authentic joy shown to the crowds during his sets. Catch him on our debut at RX Istanbul.


* The minimum age requirement is 18 for this event. Please bring your ID with you.
* Venue holds the right to refuse your admission into the venue. Tickets will be refunded in such cases.

*Etkinlikte 18 yaş sınırı vardır. Lütfen kimliklerinizi yanınızda getiriniz.
*Mekan uygun görmediği kişileri ön satış bileti dahi olsa mekana almama hakkına sahiptir. Biletlerin iadesi tarafımızca yapılacaktır.
locRX Istanbul, Sıraselviler Caddesi, Arslan Yatağı Sk, No: 3, (eski ROXY), Taksim, Istanbul
locRX Istanbul, RX Istanbul, FakeSociety
Check the line-up!