Originally from Istanbul / Turkey and now based in Paris / France; ‘BeeGee’s story is a mixture of deep, dark beats and melodic techno grooves. He started his career in Istanbul and developed his skills playing at Annabel’s London in the late 80’s and thousands of gigs until today. Combining his business with an endless European tour schedule you can see that BeeGee is unstoppable. He is mostly giving performances in Berlin at the legendary "Kater Blau", Cologne’s probably the best club "Heinz Gaul", Paris’ “Garage” and “Alemagou” - a bohemian setting you wouldn’t expect to find in Mykonos. Besides his success in DJing, he is the co-founder of Turkey’s most important event and radio company that holds the official number one rank in electronic music and events of Turkey; the radio brand “Future Generation - FG 93.7” (founded in 1999) and radio FG 93.7’s festival brand “Electronica Festival” (founded in 2004) In 2005, the other radio brand was found and added to the company; “Lounge FM 96”, serving unique and eclectic musical tastes on air. In 2006 the festival brand for this radio, the “Chill-Out Festival” was created. He organized countless international events including Daft Punk, Jamiroquai, The Prodigy and many more. Birol Giray is still the director of his company and its international festivals; "Chill-Out Festival” and “Electronica Festival”, each happening in Istanbul and other cities of Turkey annually. ...

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