Cem Guvendiren also know as Cem G, never lets go of the groove in his elegant and uplifting sets. His young mind keeps his music energetic, while his experience seals the deal on the dance floor. Having played parties like BlkMarket, ReSolute, South America Music Conference, Miami Winter Music Conference, Club De Visionare and other various events around the world, he has shared the booth with important international artists during long lasting dj sets. Right now located back in istanbul after many years spent in New York and Los Angeles, he is back to Europe to portray his eclectic sounds that he has been perfecting over the years. His last solo project from the newly acclaimed Red Motorbike with Eddie C got great recognition from international artists all over the world. The label is known as doing priceless edits pressed on 45's. Now coming up with a new release from the new Red Motorbike 12’' Sampler we will be able to see the lush disco power of his production. More on the deep house and techno side Cem G has released on many other labels like What Now Becomes, Metroline Limited and Sleep is Commercial. Just announcing his new label collaboration with Unreleased Music and co owning the label and managing the rest of the releases, stay tuned for more announcements to come....

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