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1977 yılında İstanbul'da doğup büyüyen Gökçe Özer, çocukluk yıllarında hep müzikle iç içe olmuştur. Hi-fi ailesinde babasının değerli kayıtlarını alt üst etmek, muhtemelen gelecekteki geleceğinin ilk göstergesi olan bir pikapla ilk denemesiydi. Bir dönem profesyonel seviyede basketbol oynayan Gökçe Özer, dönemin NBA yıldızları Mehmet Okur ve hidayet Türkoğlu ile beraber sahaya çıkmıştır. Procombo öncelikle Derrick May ve Chicago / Detroit tarzı disko evi ve teknodan etkilenerek ilk konserlerini ev partileri ve amatör kulüp partileri arasında çaldı. 1998'de ilk radyo şovuna başlayan Procombo sonrasında uzun yıllar Radyo 2019'da haftada 3 kere program sunmaya devam etti. O zamana kadar, diğer önde gelen dj'lerin yanında ismini kanıtlamış ve tekno ile dans etmek için en iyi mekanlar olarak kabul edilen Godet ve Filter gibi kulüplerde resident DJ'lik yaptı. Born and raised in Istanbul in 1977, Gokce Ozer has always been alongside music in his early childhood. Messing up his dad's precious records in the family hi-fi was probably his first attempt with a turntable which was probably the first indication of his upcoming future. Music was in the background of his life, where he has addicted himself to basketball and played against current NBA players like Mehmet Okur of Utah Jazz and Hedo Turkoglu of Orlando Magic. When he was 18, music became more than an interest after he bought his first set of 1210s. Infuenced primarily by Derrick May and his Chicago/Detroit style of discoish house and techno, he played his first gigs among house parties and amateur club parties. In 1998 he was accepted to the legendary Radio 2019, to host his 2 hour show 3 times weekly in the radio's Dance Department slot. His show at Radio 2019 went uninterrupted until March 2000 when the radio was sold and became an alternative rock radio. Until that time, he had proven his name alongside other leading dj's and was getting monthly and weekly residencies at clubs like Godet and Filter, which were considered as the best venues to dance to techno. Also getting gigs in nearly every club in Istanbul and playing in strong events like the 1st and 2nd A.d.A. Istanbul parties were the proof that his fans were not limited by only the technoheads in Turkey. In 2002, Gokce was selected to be the first Turkish DJ at the infamous Red Bull Music Academy. Together with 29 other djs/producers, he went to Sao Paulo, Brazil, to meet and learn from electronic music icons like Robert Owens, Charlie May and DJ Marky. Also finding the opportunity to play at the local clubs and events in Sao Paulo, Gokce played his last techno set over there and came back to Turkey with the idea of changing and slowing down his music to a deeper level. Upon his return, he joined Radio FG, the leading electronic music station in Turkey. The change of his music caused the change of his name and he got the "Procombo" moniker which basically derived from a Chinese food menu. Playing a blend of music ranging from deep dubby tech house to deep techno, but mainly cruising at the progressive altitudes with a bit of breaks inbetween, Gokce had great support from FG to his new style and played together with some real important names like Hernan Cattaneo, Dave Seaman, Max Graham, John Creamer & Stephane K, James Holden and Rowan Blades in events like the massive Electronica Fest 2004/2005 and Global Gathering 2008/2009 and the Renessaince Masters series in Istanbul. . Currently as Procombo, Gokce hosts his bi weekly radio shows in Radio FG every Wednesday (23:00-24:00) and which could be caught online through the radio's website www.futuregeneration.net. Also you can check out his website www.procombo.net for more....
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