locIstanbul, Turkey
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"To capture the most positive and profound effect that music creates on human emotions, to become integrated with the crowd that I am together with in each song I play, and to pass on the enthusiasm to them. These are why I love music so much, because I think it is the best way to share beautiful feelings." His father's interest in music, world music from different eras, local music culture, and of course the everyday interaction with instruments at home has transcended a versatile vision of music since childhood. The great interest in music for 20 years has been followed by instrumental experiences, the excitement of discovering the new, and the practice of composing music. From 2012 onwards, interest in modern electronic music has begun. He started sharing his discoveries with people on performances in many trendy places. Techno music dressed with ethnic, electronic and melodic tones is the main style that makes it exciting for new discoveries every day. What he likes best are introducing people to new songs and make them dance enthusiastically.
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