locIstanbul, Turkey
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When underground dance music first arrived Istanbul night life in late 80's, Tangun was among the first ambassadors of the craft. With a sound combining an eclectic taste of funk, soul, house and even some late night new wave action, he quickly achieved a well deserved reputation in town. Asides of running one of Istanbul's first underground clubs "xtacy" in 1991, with projects like 19&20, Maslak 2019 and radio 2019, he has been a key figure in Istanbul's underground dance culture since the beginning. Being the mastermind behind legendary clubs like High End (1998), Crystal (2002), 11:11 (2009), Chunk (2011), On (2013) RAW ,Kloster and Clique and countless festivals and raves Tangun always contributed to the evolution of Istanbul party culture. A frequent and experienced face behind the decks both lokally and internationally, Tangun also prooved his producer's skills with releases from labels like Gourme, Wrong, Sugar Cane, Devotion, Cocieve, For 2, Uhuru Beats, Funk Field and collobortions with names like hipp-e, Mazi Audio Soul Project, Asad Rizvi, Nathan Coles, dj Ali, Sean Dimtri.
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