locIstanbul, Turkey
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Volkan Gündüz, known as the founder name of nightclubs who hosted many local and foreign artists in İstanbul such as KAFES, M O D U L E, Tamirci and Koma. He created “ #keeptheundegroundalive under the name “Beatgate” he accomplished great things on label organisation and booking which has been successful for many years. Besides events that he organizes, he spent most of his time at studio and he also show up high tempo and successful sets while he is living in a musical harmony. Reaction to his music by listeners keeps his passion alive. Volkan Gündüz, who defines his principles in this musical journey as a special and deep connection between listeners, aim to carry on rave and after & after culture in events which held in İstanbul and İzmir. You can listen him in different events or you can follow him regularly on his sets at FG 93.7 on Friday between 02.00 and 03.00.
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