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ASH (live) @ Galia Bodrum

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Egyptian musician Ash, one of the pioneers of electronic music, will meet
music lovers at Galia Bodrum on this special night.
Multi-instrumentalist Ash, whose own compositions have been listened to
more than 700 million times on digital platforms; He is a musician and
producer who has gained a great reputation worldwide with the
compositions he created by combining many instruments such as piano,
guitar, saxophone, drums/pads, and electronic keyboard. Ash, who
attracted international attention with the song "Lost" released in 2012,
has gained a solid place in the music world with his compositions that
are still listened to more than 500 million times today.
The Cairo-born, Montreal-based producer is capturing millions of hearts
around the world with his impressive live sessions filmed from Montreal's
Mount Royal to Egypt's White Desert to the Turkish town of Akyaka.
Ash's most well-known track, Mosaïque, was an experiment with a
Middle Eastern twist that he was initially unsure about releasing. To date,
Mosaïque has amassed over 100 million streams and continues to thrive
as an artist with a distinctive sound. These pieces, which were first
published in 2016, gained momentum with 'that' 2019 pyramids video
and reached more than 21 million YouTube views. Ash published many
more works that caught the World's attention; these include Worlds
Apart, Daydream and most recently, his debut EP About Life.
At this special concert, you will have the chance to experience an
unforgettable night with Ash's energy and music.


• There is an age limit of 18.
• All participants are required to have their IDs with them and present
them when requested.

• Purchased tickets cannot be refunded, canceled or changed.
• The organizer and venue officials have the right to deny admission to
the event venue and backstage area to anyone they deem unsuitable,
provided that the ticket price is refunded. When recruiting to the venue,
attention is paid to the balance in the number of men and women,
clothing and suitability. It may not be possible to enter the venue for any
of these reasons. Refund notifications are made on the first business
• Outside food and drinks will not be taken into the event area.
• It is forbidden to bring professional video recording devices into the
venue and take pictures without written permission.
• The participant allows his/her own image to be recorded within the
scope of the general video, recording and live broadcast activities carried
out at the event and accepts that the relevant organizer is authorized to
use these recordings freely.
• Sound patterns in the event area may cause temporary hearing
• Light patterns in the event area may cause temporary eye discomfort.
• Each individual participating in the event is deemed to have read and
understood all the articles in the special rules and to have agreed to
comply with all rules set by the organization, otherwise to be removed
from the venue.on, otherwise to be removed from the venue.e.
ASH (live) @ Galia Bodrum
locGalia, Göltürkbükü Mah, Atatürk Cd. No:150 D:2, 48400 Bodrum/Muğla
locGalia Bodrum
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