Deborah De Luca I Kloster Alacati

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Deborah De Luca, Aslı Köse, Vedi Kerem
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No accurate depiction of electronic music culture would be complete without special mention of Deborah De Luca. Widely acknowledged as one of the most prominent flag-bearers for Techno globally and a regular fixture inside the world’s most distinguished DJ booths,Deborah has the unique ability to transfix crowds with her electrically charged, technically nuanced sets, fusing hard techno with minimal grooves and melodic sound scapes to absorbing effect.

She is coming to Kloster, Alacati on 16th July 2021 ! Get ready..

Loca / Box and Bistro Prices

4 People Bistro: 1600 TL (Obligatory to buy 1 bottle of drink)

6-8 People Loca/Box: 6000 TL (Obligatory to buy 2 bottles of drink)

10-12 People Big Loca/Box: 7000 TL(Obligatory to buy 3 bottles of drink)

For futher details and questions you can contact +90538 725 57 76 .


*HES code, fire and mask control will be done at the entrance of the organization. Social distancing rules must be observed during the event.
* Disinfectants will be available at certain points of the organization area and at the sinks.
* The organization company reserves the right to change ticket prices.
* The organization company reserves the right to make any changes in the program due to unforeseen and unavoidable reasons.
* The organization company reserves the right not to admit people who are deemed unsuitable to the venue by refunding the ticket price.
* A wide range of food and beverage sales will be available in the area. It is strictly forbidden to bring food and drink from outside.
* Everyone who owns a ticket is deemed to have allowed video and audio recordings as part of the audience.
* Professional camera, camera, voice recorder etc. insertion is prohibited.
* Cutting, combustible, explosive, laser etc. It is forbidden to insert things.
* It is forbidden to bring glass bottles into the area. If found, it will be collected.
* All risks belong to the ticket owner. The organizer and venue cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage.
* Tickets are not transferable. It cannot be returned.
* Security personnel will subject everyone who enters the event area to a security search.
* All participants are required to have their IDs with them and present it when requested.
*In case of exiting after entering the area, it is not possible to re-enter. Tickets must be purchased for re-entry.
Deborah De Luca I Kloster Alacati
locKloster Alaçatı, 18001 Sokak No:3/C , 35930 Çeşme/İzmir
locRazzle Dazzle
Deborah De Luca, Aslı Köse, Vedi Kerem