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Deeperise @ Hof Otel Arsuz

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**Deeperise @ Hof Otel Arsuz:**
Hof Otel Arsuz is preparing to offer guests an unforgettable night with an extraordinary performance by Deeperise. As one of the distinguished names in the electronic music scene, Deeperise is known for his deep and melodic rhythms and immersive soundscapes. Deeperise masterfully blends house, deep house, and electronic genres to provide listeners with a profoundly moving music experience. With many hit tracks and a large following, Deeperise's performances always promise an unforgettable journey.

Deeperise's deep and melodic sounds will perfectly harmonize with the unique atmosphere of Hof Otel Arsuz, offering guests a night filled with music. Known for its modern design, extensive amenities, and breathtaking natural beauty, Hof Otel Arsuz is the ideal venue for this unforgettable music experience.

**Batıkan Ayyıldız:**
Establishing a strong foothold in the electronic music world, Batıkan Ayyıldız will add a unique touch to the night with his energetic performances and impressive sets. Combining melodic and rhythmic elements with mastery, Batıkan Ayyıldız consistently provides his audience with a unique musical feast. With his on-stage energy and passion for music, Batıkan Ayyıldız is a must-see for electronic music lovers.

**Razık Harsoğlu:**
One of the region's standout DJs, Razık Harsoğlu is recognized as the music director and resident DJ of Hof Otel Arsuz. Specializing in afro house, tech house, house, progressive, and melodic house techno genres, Harsoğlu is highly praised for his unique style and powerful stage performances. Having developed his skills under the tutelage of Turkey's leading DJs and producers Levent Lodos and Nurettin Çolak, Harsoğlu is noted for his energetic and entertaining sets.

**Hof Otel Arsuz:**
Located on the enchanting shores of the Mediterranean, Hof Otel Arsuz offers a perfect blend of luxury and comfort. Providing guests with comfortable rooms, gourmet restaurants, and modern event spaces, Hof Otel Arsuz hosts the region's most prestigious music events.

**Event Details:**
Date: 15.06.2024
Location: Hof Otel Arsuz
Performances: Deeperise x Batıkan Ayyıldız x Razık Harsoğlu
Doors Open: 19:00

While dancing to Deeperise's unique music, you will enjoy delightful moments in the enchanting atmosphere of Hof Otel Arsuz. Don't miss this night showcasing the best examples of electronic music!

Join us at Hof Otel Arsuz for this unique experience filled with the rhythm of music with Deeperise, Batıkan Ayyıldız, and Razık Harsoğlu. This is an unmissable event for electronic music enthusiasts!

Ticket Price
Extra Super Early Bird : 500₺
Super Early Bird :650₺
Early Bird : 750₺
Normal: 850₺
Last Minute: 950₺


1. **Age Limitation:**
- Participation in the event is open to individuals aged 18 and above.

2. **Entry Procedures:**
- Participants must have their tickets with them upon entry and must wear the wristband provided at the entrance. Those without a wristband will not be admitted.
- Entry control is rigorously conducted to ensure compliance with the organization's gender balance, attitude, and behavior rules. If these requirements are not met, the entry permission of ticket holders may be canceled.
- Security pat-downs may be conducted upon entry to the event area, and participants agree to this procedure in advance.
- Bringing flammable, sharp objects, and weapons into the event area is strictly prohibited.

3. **Tickets and Categories:**
- Event tickets are categorized differently. Participants must adhere to the category specified on their tickets. Categories include "backstage," "normal," "bistro," and "loca." Each participant must be in the designated stage area corresponding to their ticket category.
- Ticket sales periods may include "super early bird," "early bird," "normal," and "door," with different pricing structures. The organizer reserves the right to change ticket prices and organize campaigns. Participants acknowledge that ticket prices may vary.

4. **Photography and Video Shooting:**
- Photography and video shooting may be conducted at the event venue. However, the use of professional recording devices without written permission is prohibited.
- Participants should refrain from disturbing other guests and violating the privacy of artists during shootings.

5. **Sound and Light Effects:**
- The high sound levels and bright light effects used at the event may pose health risks for some participants. It should be noted that these effects are designed by the organizer to assess and prevent health risks. Participants should consider these effects for their own health and take appropriate measures when necessary.

6. **Alcohol and Drug Use:**
- Alcohol is permitted in the event area, but the use of drugs is strictly prohibited. Participants who violate this rule may be removed from the event area and reported to the relevant authorities. The organizer reserves the right to take necessary measures, including ticket cancellation.

7. **Outside Food and Beverage:**
- Bringing outside food and beverage into the event area is strictly prohibited.

8. **Personal Belongings and Responsibilities:**
- Participants are responsible for taking necessary precautions for the safety and protection of their personal belongings. There is no lost property service at the event venue.
- The organizer and venue management cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged belongings.

9. **Music and Performance Rules:**
- Respect should be shown for the performances of DJs and other artists. Unauthorized access to the stage is prohibited.

10. **Behavior Rules:**
- Participants must be respectful and courteous to other participants and event staff. Any physical or verbal harassment is unacceptable.

Participants agree to abide by the above rules. The organizer reserves the right to remove participants who do not comply with these rules from the event area or take other necessary measures.


Participants agree to comply with the rules and regulations set by the organization. These rules are established to ensure the orderly and safe conduct of the event.

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Deeperise @ Hof Otel Arsuz
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