Fethiye Openair x Help Beach & Yacht Club Presents: Mahmut Orhan

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Mahmut Orhan is coming to Fethiye for the first time! Mahmut Orhan, Sezer Uysal, Lunar Plane, and Erkan Kara will perform at the big outdoor concert event, which will be held in partnership with Fethiye Openair and help Beach & Yacht Club. Don't miss this electronic music event, which is the opening of the 2021 summer season!

About Fethiye Open Air
Fethiye Openair is an outdoor event organization founded by a professional and passionate team dedicated to music.
This project is originated with the natural landscapes of Fethiye and the combination of electronic music. It has organized different events with DJs as Sezer Uysal, Andrey Exx, Murat Uncuoğlu, who are the doyen of electronic music.

About Help Beach & Yacht Club
Help Beach & Yacht Club, located in the small beaded Bay of Fethiye surrounded by lush pine forests, is committed to giving its visitors a unique time with its white sand coast and clear sea.
Help Beach is Fethiye's most prestigious private bay and with a large beach for concert events. Also, it has previously hosted concerts and show programs of world-famous names such as David Vendetta, Milk & Sugar, Betoko, David Myer, and Dj Ravin.

About Bistros:

Bistros are located in front of the stage and is limited to either 2 or 4 people. One premium drink is included with the bistro. Please send the contact details (name-surname, birthdate, id number) of the attendees to [email protected]

Bistro for 4 People (Front of Stage): Number of bistros 2500 TL + Premium Drink
Bistro for 2 People (Front of Stage): Number of bistros 1750 TL + Premium Drink

About Backstage:

Backstage is located on the stage level, behind the DJ decks. It is a VIP area where only super premium drinks are offered. The backstage will be structured with several bistors and a maximum of 5 people can come together in a single bistro.

About Loca:

Boxes (localar) are located on the right hand side of the stage and limited to a maximum of 6 people. One premium and one local drink is included within purchase. Please send the contact details (name-surname, birthdate, id number) of the attendees to [email protected]

You can get information about ticket details and food by calling 0 536 778 63 68


* In the possibility of interdiction by the Ministry of Interior following the conditions of the pandemic, the concert may be postponed to a later date
* The organizing company has the right to make changes to ticket prices.
* The indicated time is the opening time of the door.
* No less than seven years of age can enter the event. Our audience between the ages of 7 and 18 can participate in the event accompanied by an individual over 18.
* The organization Company reserves the right to make any changes to the program for unforeseen and unavoidable reasons.
* The organizing company has the right not to take people it does not consider appropriate to the venue by refunding the ticket price.
* All event participants should keep their wristbands on their wrists for the duration of its validity and its stability.
* The event will take place in all weather conditions.
* A wide range of food and beverage sales will be available in the event area. It is strictly forbidden to bring food and drink from outside.
* Anyone who owns a ticket will be considered to have allowed an image and audio recording to be taken by third parties.
* Professional camera, camera, voice recorder, etc. b. it is forbidden.
* Any cutter, flammable, explosive products to the activity area is forbidden.
* It is forbidden to insert glass bottles into the event area. If found, it will be collected.
* All risks belong to the ticket holder. The organizer and event space cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage.
* Exposure to excessive and loud music can cause hearing impairment.
* Flashlights may be used during the event. The flashlight can lead to epileptic seizures in some people with a history of epilepsy.
* Tickets are non-transferable, can not be returned.
* Security personnel will subject anyone entering the event area to a security search.
* All participants must have their identity cards with them and present them when requested.
* After entering the event area, no re-entry can be made if already exited. New tickets must be purchased for re-entry.


Line Up


Floor Plan

Fethiye Openair x Help Beach & Yacht Club Presents: Mahmut Orhan
locHelp Beach & Yacht Club, Küçük Boncuklu Koyu, 48300 Fethiye/Muğla