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Furkan Kurt & Kerem Tekinalp @ Hof Otel Arsuz

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Furkan Kurt
Developing a passion for music rooted in hip-hop and the underground beats of Istanbul, Furkan Kurt's
journey into the electronic music world began during his high school years. Born in 1991 in the heart of
Istanbul, he started his musical journey that would span over a decade and continue to take the pulse of
dance music lovers for years to come.
Furkan's love for electronic music found its epicenter in Istanbul's vibrant nightlife scene. His early
experiences lit a fire in his musical dreams, pushing him toward a future where he would be known for
his exciting performances.
As a DJ and music maker, Furkan reached new heights when he won the top spot at the 2017 Ibiza part
of the Burn Residency Competition, which is considered the most important competition for DJs and
music producers worldwide. This big win marked the start of his rapid rise, and he soon started
performing alongside well-known stars in the global dance music scene.
Not only well-known locally but also a significant presence globally, Furkan Kurt discovered his creative
base at PAPA BLACK RECORDS. Here, he joined forces with Kerem Tekinalp, and together, they created
the hit song "Ehlikeyf." This track became a sensation worldwide, making waves in the global electronic
music scene.
Furkan's music travels all over the world. His catchy beats and exciting performances have brought him
to famous dance floors in Berlin, sunny beaches in Ibiza, busy streets in Amsterdam, and clubs in Bali.
Each time he plays, it shows how he can make music that brings people together.
Furkan Kurt’s eclectic style smoothly blends a wide variety of genres, making his inspired sets
captivating to a diverse audience. With his evolving sound, Furkan Kurt keeps influencing the world of
electronic music.

Kerem Tekinalp
Kerem Tekinalp is a dynamic DJ and producer specializing in the vibrant genres of house, tech house, and
minimal genres. With over a decade of experience, he has established himself as a commanding presence
in the world of electronic music.
Kerem has graced the stages of prominent nightclubs, crafting unforgettable experiences for his
audiences. His magnetic performances have not just earned him followers in Turkey but have also made
him famous worldwide. He has left an indelible mark at renowned festivals and clubs in Spain, Germany,
France, Qatar, Japan, and various other countries. Beyond his talents as a DJ, Kerem Tekinalp has carved a
distinct niche in music production. In 2015, he made a significant mark with the release of his debut EP,
'Gate,' under his own label, 'Berlinist Records.' This milestone showcased his creative talent,and also paved
the way for performances across Europe and Asia.
When Kerem worked with Furkan Kurt on the popular track 'Ehlikeyf,' it brought him even more recognition.
The song made it to the top 100 on Beatport's charts and caught the ears of music fans on Shazam,
becoming a hit in places like Los Angeles, Tulum , Dubai, the Balkans, and beyond. In the summer of 2021,
Kerem Tekinalp proudly earned a place on Spotify's official playlist with his soulful and groove-infused track
'Ortaya' in collaboration with HKNC, released by his own, Papa Black Records. His dedication to musical
excellence consistently earns him editorial recognition and preserves his influential position within the
industry. Kerem also leads 'Papa Black Records' and 'Papa Black Exclusive,' where he represents a roster of
valuable artists from around the world, in collaboration with his partner Furkan Kurt.
For an unforgettable musical experience that transcends boundaries, consider booking Kerem Tekinalp.
His passion, expertise, and commitment to music will elevate any event.


1. Age Restriction:
- Participation in the event is open to individuals aged 18 and above.

2. Entry Procedures:
- Participants must carry their ticket and wear the wristband provided at entry. Those without a wristband will not be allowed inside; anyone who removes their wristband will be escorted out of the event.
- Entry checks will be conducted meticulously to ensure compliance with gender balance and behavior rules. If these requirements are not met, the ticket holder's entry may be canceled.
- Security checks, including body searches, may be conducted at the entrance, and participants accept this procedure in advance.
- Bringing flammable, sharp objects, and weapons into the event area is strictly prohibited.

3. Tickets and Categories:
- Event tickets are categorized into "backstage," "normal," "bistro," and "lodge." Participants must stay in the area corresponding to their ticket category.
- Ticket sales periods include "super early bird," "early bird," "normal," and "door," with different pricing. The organizer reserves the right to change ticket prices and offer promotions. Participants accept that ticket prices may vary.

4. Photography and Video Recording:
- Photography and video recording are allowed within the event area. However, using professional recording equipment without written permission is prohibited.
- Participants should avoid disturbing other guests and respect the privacy of artists when taking photos or videos.

5. Sound and Light Effects:
- The event may feature high sound levels and bright light effects, which could pose health risks to some participants. Participants should take necessary precautions to protect their health.

6. Alcohol and Prohibited Substances:
- Alcohol consumption is permitted, but the use of prohibited substances is strictly forbidden. Participants who violate this rule may be removed from the event and reported to the legal authorities. The organizer reserves the right to take necessary measures, including ticket cancellation.

7. Outside Food and Drinks:
- Bringing outside food and drinks into the event area is strictly prohibited.

8. Personal Belongings and Responsibilities:
- Participants are responsible for the security of their personal belongings. There is no lost and found service at the event.
- The organizer and venue management are not responsible for lost or damaged items.

9. Music and Performance Rules:
- Respect must be shown to the performances of DJs and other artists. Unauthorized stage access is prohibited.

10. Behavior Rules:
- Participants should be respectful and polite to other attendees and event staff. Any physical or verbal harassment will not be tolerated.

Participants agree to comply with the above rules. The organizer reserves the right to remove participants who do not adhere to these rules or take other necessary measures. These rules are designed to ensure the event runs smoothly and safely.

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Furkan Kurt & Kerem Tekinalp @ Hof Otel Arsuz
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