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Giorgia Angiuli

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Giorgia Angiuli, ECE ÖZEL, Kai Bellen
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Are you ready for a night filled with Giorgia Angiuli's hypnotic melodies? The rising star of the Italian electronic music scene, Giorgia Angiuli, with her live performance that never loses its
tempo, will be at Kastel on the evening of February 16th, organized by Charm Music Turkey!
Known for her originality and insatiable curiosity, Giorgia is getting ready to offer an experience that explores the intersection of science and emotion with her boundary-pushing performance.
With her second studio album, 'Quantum Love' released in late 2021 and praised by critics, she presents a perfect blend of melodic and techno electronica.
In her energetic music that sets the dance floor on fire, you can hear Giorgia Angiuli's colorful and playful synesthetic approach, featuring synths, drums, theremin, and even modified kids'
toys and Bluetooth MIDI controllers. Her sets are a kaleidoscope of sounds for electronic music enthusiasts.
From Warung in Brazil to Elrow in Ibiza, Giorgia's unconventional music style has adorned the stages of the most significant festivals and clubs worldwide. She has left her mark at Loveland
(ADE), Ultra Music Festival (Miami), CRSSD (USA), Exit (Serbia), and many more.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Giorgia Angiuli, where music becomes an exploration of emotions and science meets the beat. Don't miss the chance to experience a night of boundless creativity and electronic vibes on February 16th at Kastel!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: VIP category tickets allow access to the mezzanine floor of Kastel.


Door Opening Time: 22:00
Event Start Time: 22:00
The event has an age limit of 18.
Each participant is required to have a ticket.
The sound systems in the event area may cause temporary hearing problems.
The light systems in the event area may cause temporary discomfort to the eyes and may not be suitable for individuals with epilepsy.
During the event, all participants must have their tickets with them.
Event tickets should only be purchased from official sales points determined by the event organizer. The event organizer has the right to refuse entry to the event area for tickets not purchased from official sales points.
Tickets once purchased cannot be refunded or changed.
The event organizer has the right to refuse entry to the event area to individuals they do not find suitable, with the condition of refunding the event ticket price.
Special attention is paid to the balance of male and female numbers, attitude, manner, clothing, and overall appropriateness, and entry may not be allowed for these and similar reasons. The decision at the door is final and valid under all conditions.
It is expected that non-professional devices should not be used to take pictures or videos that may disturb other guests or performers and violate the privacy of their personal lives. Using flash photography is strictly prohibited.
The right to use the photographs and videos of participants in promotional materials belongs to the organizer, and by participating in the event, the participant accepts the use of this right.
Participants must not leave their personal belongings unattended within the event area. The responsibility for all personal belongings lies with the participant.
The organizer and the event venue cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage.
It is prohibited to bring flammable, explosive (deodorant, spray, perfume, etc.), inflammable, sharp, and piercing tools, as well as laser pointers, into the event area.
Recording during the event is strictly prohibited. Professional sound and image equipment (video cameras, cameras, etc.), selfie sticks, and GoPro poles, etc., are not allowed.
The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the program and ticket prices.
Contact the organizer for access for disabled participants to the event area.
No food or drinks are allowed into the event area.
Pets are not allowed into the event area.
The organizer reserves the right to change the ticket purchasing conditions.

Line Up

artistGiorgia Angiuli
Giorgia Angiuli
artistECE ÖZEL
artistKai Bellen
Kai Bellen
Giorgia Angiuli
locKastel, Hüseyinağa Mah. Kamer Hatun Cd. No:10, 34435 Beyoğlu/İstanbul
locCharm Music
Giorgia Angiuli, ECE ÖZEL, Kai Bellen