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Kanto Records Presents: SHOCK KULTUREL

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"Shock Kulturel" presented by Kanto Records is coming to Frankhan’s both room (Main Room + Sound Room) on October 13th!

The showcase series that combines different artistic experiences with music, Shock Kulturel, is staying in the city for its third edition after successful events in Paris and Istanbul.

In the unique ambiance of Frankhan, an extensive auditory journey awaits you, accompanied by underground poetry, offering an out-of-the-ordinary exhibition experience. . We recommend reserving your spot in advance for this surprise-filled evening, as tickets will be limited!

Music by: Oceanvs Orientalis, Husa & Zeyada, İdil Meşe Sound Experiments, Thomas Costantin, Kübra Uzun, Netam, Emin İle yeraltından Sesler Korosu, Birgay, MX. Sür., Rubsilent


Thomas Costantin, DJ and sound / visual artist currently based in Milan. Since 2014 he is resident DJ at the historic Plastic club. He is a music consultant for numerous high-end fashion houses. His cosmopolitan soul has a deep attraction not only for music, but also for cinema, costume, analogue photography, vintage atmospheres and technicolor. The liveliness of Red is the color that best represents his work: intense, energetic, deep.


Husa & Zeyada is a live electronic duo born out of a spontaneous and spacey lockdown collaboration between two very different daydreamers. The project fuses Zeyada’s synth-soaked bedroom pop with Adam Husa’s late-night deep house. Together, Husa & Zeyada simmer towards indie-rock electronica, draped in English and Arabic lyrics, open for experimentation


Oceanvs Orientalis is an international "electronic & experimental" music composer, producer, record label owner, and independent film director. Born in Istanbul, Safak Ozkutle aka Oceanvs Orientalis worked as a creative director until the age of 24. Since the year 2011, as he is mostly in the musical realm now, he did so many world tour with his easy-going heavy bass-oriented, groovy style.


Netam draws attention with his extraordinary arrangements which embrace the ever-changing and evolving structure of music. He produces intergenre music that blends organic instruments and synthesizers with recorded/captured sounds from daily life. He performs his arrangements with live instruments such as keyboard and trumpet while bringing his feelings into electro-funky grooves in an ambient, emotional way.


Birgay, a member of the Wake Up Call and Suma Beach teams, one of the important venues of Istanbul nightclubs, managed to make herself heard among the home audience. He manages to move the dance floor with his dynamic house-disco selection of Afro beats and driving bass lines.


Emin, whom we have been listening to in different venues in Istanbul since the late 90s, is a name that is not unknown to those who have been working night shifts in the city since those days. Emin, who took part in many organizations from large and small clubs to large-scale festivals during the golden years of Istanbul nightlife; he also had the opportunity to bring his talents to the international stage such as Berlin, Lausanne, Zurich, Belgrade and Tbilisi.


Kübra Uzun, the London-based Turkish artist and LGBTQIA+ rights activist, is known for her diverse creative contributions. She produced 'ALAN2020,' a Pride anthem in collaboration with Mx. Sür. She also performed 'A Trans History Sung' in a digital monument project with Volksbühne Berlin. Her work 'Cruising Gezi Park' was featured in the 'Refresh Amsterdam' exhibition. Kübra's reinterpretations of classical music, 'Koli Kanonu' and 'Jülyet’s Habanera,' accompanied by music videos directed by Efe Durmaz, showcase her artistic range.


"MX is a versatile DJ, known for their diverse music sets that encompass genres ranging from Detroit techno to Italo disco, ghetto-electronic, Chicago house, and synth-pop, adapting to the platform and vibe of each event. He have been actively performing since 2007, driven by their belief in the unifying power of music. Sür, one of the key figures in the Istanbul nightlife scene, joined the Suma Beach and Wake Up Call team in 2021. Apart from being a resident Sür also wears multiple hats as a poster designer, night manager, text editor, and idea generator.


Idil Mese, the Istanbul-New York-based singer-songwriter, known for her collaboration with Oceanvs Orientalis, weaves stories of love and loss into modern bardic tales. She gained global recognition for her work on "The Cube," remixed by Acid Pauli. She's credited for writing and singing on Oceanvs Orientalis' album "General Tales of Ordinary Madness." Idil Mese is also a key member of Rain Lab, a live electronic band combining Anatolian hip-hop by Da Poet with her ethereal vocals and Beril Mese's saxophone.


The event is for participants aged 18 and over.
It is forbidden to bring food and drink, sharp, piercing or flammable tools into the event area.
Event participants agree that photo & video shooting will be done in the event area.
Organization and venue officials have the right not to let people they deem unsuitable to the event and backstage area.
Particular attention is paid to the balance in the number of men and women, their attitude, style, and suitability in general, and entry may not be possible due to these and similar reasons. The decision of this is entirely at the initiative of the door. The decision of our door is final and is valid in all conditions.
The purchased ticket may not be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes other than personal use, including but not limited to advertising, contests, sweepstakes, promotions (unless specifically written permission is obtained). The ticket used for these purposes is canceled and legal action is started.
No refunds, cancellations or exchanges can be made on purchased ticket.

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Check the line-up!
Kanto Records Presents: SHOCK KULTUREL
locFrankhan İstanbul, Kemankeş Karamustafa Paşa, Kemankeş Cd. No:73, 34425 Beyoğlu/İstanbul
Check the line-up!