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BöRK (Royalsurfclub):

BöRK is to take the listeners to a ritualistic journey, to undiscovered territories of their mind, body, and soul, through a multidisciplinary artistic vision, with a glimpse of possible future.
His music involves upbeat electronic music on the EBM side, break beats, noisy techno, blended with experimental ambient-like features. Clashing digitalism with analogue sounds, he is introducing us to the hallucinative as well as the desolate aspects of both cultures. Besides using only existing material, he as well combines them with his b-side production which could be considered as rhythmic combination of noise.
Starting from underground events with live music production sets, he DJ’ed at many well established venues such as PIP, Weelde, Ro-town, the Grey space, mainly in the Rotterdam-The Hague areas of the Netherlands.


Zynph (Zeynep Yazıcı, b. 1993) is an Istanbul based producer.
Using music as a medium to express herself she mainly focuses on the feelings the music evokes, rather than defining it by its genre. One of the distinctive characteristics
of her sound is the sense of uncanniness it arouses.

Her music is inspired by a wide range of genres from breakcore to industrial, IDM to experimental, and ambient to metal.
After DJ’ing at home parties for a couple of years she started to play at venues.
In parallel with her goal of producing music, Zynph also focuses on creating atmospheres.

Can Koç

Can Koç, who started his music career by playing the bass guitar, worked with composition groups and cover groups after his music academy education, and was interested in synthesizer technologies after the guitar, started to improve himself in recording technologies.

In 2010, he decided to create his own music compositions and switched from rock music to electronic music. To show that electronic music can be performed live has been his biggest goal since the day he started DJ performances. Can Koç especially enjoys House, Tech House, Melodic Techno genres on his sets.

In line with this goal, he founded the successful production group Wild Rabbitz in 2012, and later decided to continue his career as Can Koç. He didn't care about staying in the "Underground", he has always aimed to create interesting sets with his unique 'mashup' style and hard remixes of the popular songs he loves.

Electric Boo Foo

Electric Boo Foo the Electronic Music Duo , formed by Fırat Tişkaya and Anıl Muslu , is influenced by the harmony of Electronica , Melodic Techno , and Deep Ambient elements. With their progressive drums, warm synths , and improvised electric guitars , they aim to make their live performance a unique experience for the audience every time .


The event is for participants aged 18 and over.
It is forbidden to bring food and drink, sharp, piercing or flammable tools into the event area.
Event participants agree that photo & video shooting will be done in the event area.
Organization and venue officials have the right not to let people they deem unsuitable to the event and backstage area.
Particular attention is paid to the balance in the number of men and women, their attitude, style, and suitability in general, and entry may not be possible due to these and similar reasons. The decision of this is entirely at the initiative of the door. The decision of our door is final and is valid in all conditions.
Purchased tickets may not be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes other than personal use, including but not limited to advertising, contests, sweepstakes, promotions (unless specifically written permission is obtained). Tickets used for these purposes will be canceled.
No refunds, cancellations or exchanges of purchased ticket.

locKastel, Hüseyinağa Mah. Kamer Hatun Cd. No:10, 34435 Beyoğlu/İstanbul
Check the line-up!