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Mystic Worlds: madwoman
Psychedelic Industrial Techno.
Released material:
Ismus / Brvtalist Sound Recordings / Gegen / Khazad / Substantiv / Raven Sigh
Hailing from Stockholm, Berlin based selector & producer madwoman is armed with a heavy artillery of hard-hitting and distinctive sounds with psychedelic influences.
In the beginning of 2020 she made her first VA release on Berlin label Ismus closely followed by a powerful debut EP on Raven Sigh. Her releases has been early supported by artist such as Ancient Methods, Paula Temple, Aoud, Nur Jaber and Stephanie Sykes.
So far her performances have caught love from the audience worldwide, as she has performed in many countries and various stages. In early 2019 she played for the first time in Havana, Cuba and in February 2020 she debuted at the infamous Tresor club in Berlin.

B-Drive began mixing and organizing his own parties during his college years in Chicago, and his distinctive hypnotic style was completed with heavy bass, allowing him to perform on every continent over his two-decade DJ career. B-Drive developed Temple Club in Istanbul as a consequence of its profound interest in electronic music. With the Mystic Worlds Presents evenings it hosted, B-Drive generated successful nights that created a sensation in Istanbul. B-Drive will carry you through the temple in a dark and brisk manner!

Taha Sezgin was born and raised in Istanbul and began his DJ career in 2018, performing his first stage that summer. Taha Sezgin, whose concerts incorporate Acid sounds, made a sensation with each performance and launched 303 Records. The artist, who has carved an unforgettable image in people's minds via the sights he captures and continues to advance through the spectacular events he organizes, will leave you speechless with Acid on April 8th!

Arda Yazkan, founder of 303 Records, born and raised in Istanbul, has been creating wonderful syntheses since childhood, merging his interest in music with his emotional attachment to underground culture. He stands out with his style, which promotes for the darkness of the dance floor and the high energy of acid, rave, and trance-like selections. By carefully utilizing every component of himself, he is able to generate the relentless momentum evident in her productions and performances. It invites you to the dark dance floor with an attractive performance on the night of April 8th.


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Mystic Worlds : Madwoman
locClub Temple, Şehit Muhtar, Mis Sk. No:15, 34435 Beyoğlu/İstanbul
loc303 RECORDS
Check the line-up!