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RADIO2020 Episode 10

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The RADIO2020 application, which has become indispensable for electronic music listeners, has managed to make a name for itself with the events it organizes apart from its online radio service. With the 10th of their series called Episode, on the evening of May 19, Klein is preparing to present a unique night to music lovers on the Harbiye stage.
Lucifer Michaelson, a worldwide phenomenon, will be in the cabin, as well as Semih Akay, one of the most popular names in the electronic music market, and Eva, the young talent of RADIO2020.


Event Rules

*There is an age limit of 18 years for the event.

*RADIO2020 has the right not to admit people whom it does not deem appropriate to the event area and Backstage.

* In order to keep the safety of the guests attending the event at the highest level, it is strictly forbidden to buy any cutting tools, weapons, alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages and all kinds of illegal substances in the event area.

* Event tickets should only be purchased from official sales points determined by the organization owner. The responsibility of the tickets that are not purchased from the official sales points of the organization owner belongs to the buyer, and if such a situation is detected, the owner of the organization has the right not to let the person in.

*You can enter the event by showing your QR codes at the entrance.

*Guests participating in the event accept that photo & video shooting will be done in the event area.

* It is strictly forbidden to register during the event without written permission. Professional audio and video tools (video camera and camera, etc.), Selfie Stick and GoPro sticks, etc., are placed in the event area. materials will not be accepted.

* Care is expected not to be taken with non-professional devices that would disturb other guests and performers and violate the privacy of his private life. Shooting with flash is strictly prohibited.

* Particular attention is paid to the balance in the number of men and women, manners, style, clothing and suitability in general, and guests who act otherwise are prevented from entering the event area. The decision of this is entirely at the initiative of the door. The decision of our door is final and is valid under all conditions.

*The organizer reserves the right to change the program and ticket prices.

Line Up

RADIO2020 Episode 10
locKlein Harbiye, Harbiye, Cebel Topu Sk. No:4, 34373 Şişli/İstanbul