30.11.2019 - MECRA - STREETWISE #1: HAVANTEPE + SALLI - Tickets | BUGECE


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In the first of this special party series where the DJs and electronic music producers from different neighborhoods, who are dedicated to music and creativity, wo strong names will get together at Mecra. One of the few techno producers in the country, is the creator of his unique dub-inspired experimental techno sound Havantepe and DJ, illustrator, a versatile name who can transfer the techno sub-genres of different house and techno to the dance floor, Salli. The night starts with b2b of Sarper and Murmur, goes on with an unusual performance of Thie Fox’s the 2019 Red Bull BC Turkey Champion.


Ismail Genç, one of the founders of Sublime Porte and Circuit Room, was born and raised in Stuttgart. He settled in Istanbul in 94. He has been making music and spinning records under the name of Havantepe since 99. His productions include minimal dub and the old Detroit / Berlin-inspired experimental techno genres. Since the beginning of 2016, he has been performing electronic music production and djing workshops.


Like everyone born in the 80s and growing in the 90s, Salli's personality was shaped by both an analog and a digital world. Sallı is mainly interested in the concepts of acid, disco, techno and 90s house and is also interested in visual fields of art.

---[]MURMUR (Murat Kök)

Murmur (Murat Kök) performed visual and audio works in many well-established places of the city. He continues to create his way by arranging back to back nights with guest DJs that he has hosted at Mecra, half-batte, half-love b2b performances without being gerne-oriented.


Red Bull BC One 2019 Champion of Turkey, who has made a name for oneself in the performance of the global championships in India Cagtay Degerli aka Thiefox, decides after 10 years of dance experience to be a part "breaking" revolution. He continues his journey aiming to bring a stronger musical effect to the “break dance” scene in the country.
locMECRA, Caferağa Mahallesi Dumlupınar Sokak No:5 Kadıköy/İST