Sunwaves Festival (SWZZ) 2021

Alexandra, Andrei Ciubuc, Arapu, BILA, CAP, Dan Andrei, Dubfire, Emi, G76, Gescu, Hector, Herodot, Joey Daniel, Kozo, Loco Dice, Mahony, Mihigh, Nu Zau, Petre Insprirescu, Piticu, Priku, Raresh, Rhadoo, Ricado Villalobos, Sepp
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Saying hello after a while now and we’ve got some great news!

We took a leap of faith and changed the scenery for a special edition: Sunwaves in Zanzibar, taking place from 17-21st of June on Dongwe Beach.

For 5 straight days, we've found a safe way to reunite again in the 24/24 party manner with two performing stages of electronic music acts.

Sunwaves Zanzibar is delivering the same Sunwaves experience in terms of sound with the help of our team of sound engineers.

The two stages as well as the rest of the festival will preserve the island spirit by using local wooden materials and eco friendly supplies.

We sure hope you’re as excited as we are for this first Sunwaves to happen away from home.
hujambo! :)


All participants must comply with the social rules, laws and those listed in this Regulation. Participants are not allowed to carry out any activities that could endanger or affect in any way the safety or rights of the other participants.

Using drugs or other substances for which there is no prescription;
Trafficking or marketing drugs or psychotropic substances in the category of medicines, regardless of their origin. The consumption and trafficking of high-risk and high-risk drugs represent crimes and are incriminated by the legislation MENTIONED ABOVE.
Bringing objects that can be considered weapons and can harm the physical integrity (knives, saws, glass objects, chains, firearms, explosives, fireworks, paralyzing spray, the enumeration is not limiting, any object found and considered to be from this category will force the owner to leave the festival area)
Sleeping in the festival area;
Aggressions of any kind on the other participants at the festival;
The introduction of any liquid or food within the festival.
The organizer does not take responsibility for any damages (material or physical) caused by the non-observance of the Regulations and will be able to claim compensation for the guilty persons for its violation.
The participants are obliged, as in the festival premises, to respect and not to destroy the materials and constructions of any kind in the festival area.

During the festival, the Organizer, the Organizer's partners or the accredited press have the right to record and photograph the event. The participants are aware that there is the possibility of appearing in such materials, without being able to make claims about the rights regarding the respective materials. The organizer has the right to use these materials, to publish them on various channels (e.g. Youtube) and to use them in advertising campaigns without compensating in any way the participant.

The participants have the right to film and photograph the areas in which they have access, but they will use these materials exclusively for their own viewing. Any distribution to the public, free of charge or onerous of the filmed materials is prohibited.

There are exceptions where artist management prohibits filming and photography.

The participants acknowledge that any commercial or advertising activity is prohibited within the festival premises without the written consent of the Organizer.

Drug use is illegal and strictly prohibited and will be punished according to the laws in force.

Lost items must be brought to the Lost & Found area (which will be marked on the festival map). The owners can recover them following the procedure of the Organizer which consists of identifying the person and the lost object. After the festival, the Organizer will keep the unrecovered objects for a period of three (3) days from the moment of delivery to the Lost & Found area and will try to return them to the owners.

The organiser shall ensure security at the festival event by engaging the services of an external reputable security company. During the event, the participants are obliged to respect the security agents, to collaborate with them and to follow their instructions in the case of an emergency.
In the event of incidents of violence or of endangering the integrity of other person's body or property, the personnel ensuring the security may decide to evacuate the persons involved from the premises where the event takes place.

On the territory of the festival there are first aid areas, in case of need.

During the event, the products and services are available in specially arranged places (bars, food court). The participants undertake to use as payment methods for their purchase only the payment methods and instruments accepted by the organizers and their partners. As a general rule, the payment of the products sold at the bars inside the event will be done with card transaction or cash (in the following currencies: Tanzanian Shillings (TZS) United States Dollars (USD) & Euros (EURO), which is the mode of paying the drinks bought inside the Event Venue.

The organizer guarantees the access and use of the services within the festival of any participant with a valid ticket. The dates of the festival can be modified unilaterally by the Organizer in case of force majeure or accidental event. The festival dates will not be changed in case of minor weather conditions (rain, cloudy days, etc.).

The organizer reserves the right to change the hours of the music program. The participant has no right to claim compensation in the case of these changes.

The participant has no legal basis to proceed against the Organizer in case of modification of the music program of the festival.

The organizer excludes assuming liability for damage that has occurred on the territory of the festival that was not the cause of a defective organization or neglect.

After the participant has received the bracelet, the Organizer is no longer responsible for its integrity. The participant is not entitled to claim compensation for the loss or destruction of the bracelet.

The organizer is not responsible for actions that take place outside of the festival area.

The organizer has the right, with immediate effect, to prohibit the access of a participant in the whole or part of the festival premises, or to request the participant to leave the festival premises, in case of violation of the present regulation or of a law in force in Tanzania.

The organizer has full rights over the registered or unregistered trade names, logo, e-mail addresses, domain names or URLs, signs used in correspondence, e-mail, business cards and other materials, signs, logos, trademarks, as well as the materials, texts and all information on or other channels that use the above mentioned in connection with the SUNWAVES ZANZIBAR event. The above mentioned cannot be copied, used or distributed for commercial purposes without the written agreement of the Organizer.

The logos, signs and other information are under the intellectual property of the Organizer and are protected by the National & International laws in force.


Venue Details

Dongwe Beach, Zanzibar Tanzania.


Dongwe, Tanzania

Sunwaves Festival (SWZZ) 2021
locDongwe Beach, Zanzibar Tanzania., Dongwe, Tanzania
Alexandra, Andrei Ciubuc, Arapu, BILA, CAP, Dan Andrei, Dubfire, Emi, G76, Gescu, Hector, Herodot, Joey Daniel, Kozo, Loco Dice, Mahony, Mihigh, Nu Zau, Petre Insprirescu, Piticu, Priku, Raresh, Rhadoo, Ricado Villalobos, Sepp
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