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locRX Istanbul , VOLX
Matrixxman, SUMIA, Danny Wabbit
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American Producer and Dj Matrixxman, real name Charles Duff, has been keeping an eye on the technological singularity that has led us. Although its timbre tends to be cold and mechanized, it still contains a warm element that preserves the human spirit.

Charles Duff, a long-time resident of Berlin's famous nightclub Berghain, in essence brings a new interpretation to the gray space between classic chicago house and detroit techno. Duff describes his music as a "techno-based rebirth."

If you're someone who seeks approval from others, his music has been played by the likes of DVS1, Rødhåd, Jeff Mills, Ben Klock, Richie Hawtin, and Levon Vincent. He's also enjoyed being remixed by Larry Heard, Silent Servant, and The Hieroglyphic Being, for what it's worth.

After regularly releasing EPs for companies such as Dekmantel, Planet Rhythm and Delft, she released her first full-length album on Ghostly International in July 2015.


-The event is for participants aged 18 and over.
- Particular attention is paid to the balance in the number of women and men, attitude, style, clothing and generally appropriateness, and entry may not be possible due to these and similar reasons.
The decision of this is entirely at the initiative of the door. The decision of our door is final and is valid under all conditions.
- When coming to the event area, our guests are required to submit their vaccination card, if they do not have a vaccination card, PCR test or the relevant HES application indicating that they have had the disease. Participants who do not have a vaccination card/PCR test will not be able to enter the event area and tickets will not be refunded.
-The purchased ticket (unless specifically written permission is obtained) cannot be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes other than personal use, including but not limited to advertising, contests, sweepstakes, promotions. The ticket used for these purposes is canceled and legal action is started
Volx Presents x MATRIXXMAN
locRX Istanbul, Sıraselviler Cad. Arslan Yatağı Sok. No: 3, Taksim, Istanbul (eski ROXY)
locRX Istanbul, VOLX
Matrixxman, SUMIA, Danny Wabbit