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Electronic music is constantly evolving, producing new micro-genres by the second, and offering endless possibilities to its followers and listeners. This is the main reason why FG 93.8 (Future Generation) first came to be – to bridge the gap between the most modernized sound the world has ever heard and the traditional mindset shared by many in Turkey to create a blossoming community overflowing with creativity and love for another. Founded in 1999, the trend-setting radio station has become a focal point in the nightlife of Istanbul – dictating not only the tempo but also the pulse of the entertainment industry through the countless events and festivals it has organized as well as the world-renowned DJs it has hosted. By shouldering the responsibility of widening the scope of electronic music in Turkey, FG 93.8, has not only reached out to every social segment of the country’s population, but as a constantly growing company, it has also fulfilled every single one of its commitments to its sponsors, primary and secondary business partners and to its loyal listeners. At every step of the way, FG 93.8 kept its promise to always prioritize the experience of its listeners and followers since the beginning of everything.
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