EFFEKT, which started it’s first journey in 2019 in Izmir; is a well-known organization and community for organizing events with a focus on music, creativity and sustainability. With its passion for music, it transforms festival areas, clubs and factories into cultural venues, offering people unforgettable and immersive experiences. EFFEKT is striving to create a better future for both the entertainment industry and the planet. We as EFFEKT are very conscious of the environmental crisis. So we try to direct our investments to reduce the carbon footprint of all our events and cultural purposes. This includes using sustainable materials and energy sources, reducing waste and promoting environmentally friendly practices in our activities. Our approach to diversity and inclusion is also very clear. We all work together in an equal, meaningful and inspiring way. Continuing on its way with inspiration from the beauty of nature, EFFEKT will continue to add sectoral innovations and awareness to its consciousness by collaborating with hundreds of well-known artists and many brands.
Past Events