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Emre Şenol @ Hof Otel Arsuz

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EMRE ŞENOL, Razık Harsoğlu
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Emre Şenol took his first step in his music career in 2011. With his unique style, he combined melodic techno, house, and indie dance genres to offer listeners a distinctive music experience. Performing at numerous venues and festivals in Turkey and across Europe, he grew his fan base with impressive performances. Sharing the stage with world-famous DJs, Emre Şenol received support from many artists with his two-track EP "Everythings Right" released in October 2023. Emre Şenol continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, providing unforgettable experiences for his fans.


1. Age Restriction:
- Participation in the event is open to individuals aged 18 and above.

2. Entry Procedures:
- Participants must carry their ticket and wear the wristband provided at entry. Those without a wristband will not be allowed inside; anyone who removes their wristband will be escorted out of the event.
- Entry checks will be conducted meticulously to ensure compliance with gender balance and behavior rules. If these requirements are not met, the ticket holder's entry may be canceled.
- Security checks, including body searches, may be conducted at the entrance, and participants accept this procedure in advance.
- Bringing flammable, sharp objects, and weapons into the event area is strictly prohibited.

3. Tickets and Categories:
- Event tickets are categorized into "backstage," "normal," "bistro," and "lodge." Participants must stay in the area corresponding to their ticket category.
- Ticket sales periods include "super early bird," "early bird," "normal," and "door," with different pricing. The organizer reserves the right to change ticket prices and offer promotions. Participants accept that ticket prices may vary.

4. Photography and Video Recording:
- Photography and video recording are allowed within the event area. However, using professional recording equipment without written permission is prohibited.
- Participants should avoid disturbing other guests and respect the privacy of artists when taking photos or videos.

5. Sound and Light Effects:
- The event may feature high sound levels and bright light effects, which could pose health risks to some participants. Participants should take necessary precautions to protect their health.

6. Alcohol and Prohibited Substances:
- Alcohol consumption is permitted, but the use of prohibited substances is strictly forbidden. Participants who violate this rule may be removed from the event and reported to the legal authorities. The organizer reserves the right to take necessary measures, including ticket cancellation.

7. Outside Food and Drinks:
- Bringing outside food and drinks into the event area is strictly prohibited.

8. Personal Belongings and Responsibilities:
- Participants are responsible for the security of their personal belongings. There is no lost and found service at the event.
- The organizer and venue management are not responsible for lost or damaged items.

9. Music and Performance Rules:
- Respect must be shown to the performances of DJs and other artists. Unauthorized stage access is prohibited.

10. Behavior Rules:
- Participants should be respectful and polite to other attendees and event staff. Any physical or verbal harassment will not be tolerated.

Participants agree to comply with the above rules. The organizer reserves the right to remove participants who do not adhere to these rules or take other necessary measures. These rules are designed to ensure the event runs smoothly and safely.

Line Up

artistRazık Harsoğlu
Razık Harsoğlu
Emre Şenol @ Hof Otel Arsuz
locHof Otel Arsuz, Maraşlar Mevkii Konacık Yolu 5.KM, 31290 Arsuz/Hatay
locHof Otel
EMRE ŞENOL, Razık Harsoğlu