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Feel Real Presents Babylon Soundgarden

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Şehrin içinde müzikle çevrili bir ormanda eğlencesi gerçek festival: Feel Real Presents Babylon Soundgarden!

Doğanın içinde, etrafının müzikle ve aktivitelerle çevrileceği iki güne hazır mısın? Bu sene Feel Real Presents Babylon Soundgarden’ı, Bonus Parkorman’a taşıyoruz. 20-21 Temmuz tarihlerinde Feel Real Presents Babylon Soundgarden sahnesinde; Floating Points, Mount Kimbie, Ezra Collective, Greentea Peng, Jakuzi, emir taha, Flü ve Garan Garan ile buluşuyoruz.

İki gün boyunca birbirinden yaratıcı sohbetlerle, aktivitelerle ve yeni deneyimlerle müziğe, eğlenceye ve yaratıcılığa hep beraber bir kez daha açılıyoruz!


Children aged 14 and under are not allowed into the event. Spectators under the age of 18 must
enter with their parents.
- Participants of all ages are required to have a ticket.
- Different color wristbands will be applied to participants under the age of 18.
- The sale of alcohol and tobacco products to participants under the age of 18 is prohibited.
- Participants entering the event area must purchase new tickets if they leave the area.
- Pets cannot enter the event venue.
- The organizer company has the right to refuse entry to people whom it deems unfit for the event,
provided that the ticket fee is refunded. - Firearms, flammable, explosive, flammable (*deodorant,
*spray, *perfume, etc.), cutting, piercing, bruising materials cannot be brought into the event area. It
is forbidden to enter with any kind of equipment and laser pointer that can actually be used in attack
and defense, even if not for attack and defense purposes (*helmet, *camping chair, *selfie stick,
*GoPro sticks, *tripod, *trousers chain, etc.).
- The organization company reserves the right to make any changes in the program due to
unforeseen and inevitable reasons.
- The organization company has the right to change ticket prices.
- Food and drinks will not be taken into the event area.
- Food and beverages will be sold in the event area.
- It is forbidden to enter the event area with professional audio and video equipment, video cameras
and cameras.
- Recording is strictly prohibited during the concert. The audience acknowledges that audiovisual
recording devices may be confiscated.
- Keep your ticket and wristband during the concert.
- All participants are required to have their IDs with them and present them when requested.
- You should not leave your personal belongings with you in the event area. Responsibility for all
personal belongings belongs to the participant.
- There is no deposit point in the festival area.
- Security personnel will subject everyone entering the event area to a security search.
- Sound patterns in the event area may cause temporary hearing problems.
- Light patterns in the event area may cause temporary eye discomfort.
- Concert tickets should only be purchased from official sales points determined by the organization
owner. The organizer has the right to exclude the holders of tickets not purchased from official sales
points from the concert area.
- Concert tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable. Lost tickets will not be replaced.
- The right to use photographs and video footage of people attending the concert in promotional
materials belongs to the organization, and the participant accepts the use of this right by attending
the concert.
- It is forbidden to bring unpackaged tobacco and tobacco products to the event area.
- The event will be held in all weather conditions. It is recommended to be prepared for all kinds of
weather conditions. Tickets will not be refunded.